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Federated Hermes, Inc. (NYSE:  FHI)


  • Establish and manage the Sales Structure in Federated Hermes sales reporting system (MARS), which includes the management of Division, Department, Region and Manager data at each level of the sales hierarchy

  • Establish and manage the Channel Association for each sales channel

  • Identify, establish and manage territory data within each sales channel

  • Identify, establish and maintain geographical and other sales-defined boundaries associated with each channel/territory

  • Manage territory-related assignment disputes or inquiries by analyzing the change request, evaluating the impact, and consulting with Sales Management in order to effectively disposition the dispute or inquiry

  • Manage and execute changes for sales channel and territory realignments; partner with Sales Management, Sales Administration and Decision Support to plan timelines, assess impacts and identify associated tasks to deliver the desired results within prescribed timeframes

  • Manage manual and automated processes for cleansing data to ensure data accuracy, conduct analysis of sales territory data and work closely with Sales Management, Sales Administration and Decision Support to align and define sales boundaries

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Federated Hermes, Inc. (NYSE:  FHI)

This position supports, analyzes, and maintains data that is critical to the operations of the firm.  The IMO Senior Data Analyst supports the day to day timely delivery of high quality data across Enterprise datasets and downstream data consumers for the purposes of compliance, reporting, sales, marketing, product management, investment processes, regulatory filings and other corporate usage.


Federated Hermes, Inc. (NYSE:  FHI)

Are you good at analyzing and defining business requirements to create customized customer solutions? Does designing and executing application testing strategies interest you?  Are you organized and have an eye for detail?  Federated Hermes is seeking someone who can monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of application operations and troubleshoot problems as necessary. 

This position will utilize your ability to analyze, problem solve and interact with others to provide operational support for a custom, web-based, transaction processing system utilized by clients, as well as assisting in reaching goals and objectives of the business.   Acting as the operational expert, this position will work with an external vendor and internal business units to support the day to day needs of the system.


Federated Hermes, Inc. (NYSE:  FHI)


  • Manage the overall life cycle of equity products and strategies.  Provide ongoing assessments of opportunities for product refinement, extension and rationalization.  Prepare formal product plans, as appropriate.

  • Define product positioning and key elements of differentiation.  Lead or contribute to multi-disciplinary teams in developing communication strategies, including message development and refinement, collateral design and development, delivery (medium) strategies, etc.  Ensure continued relevance of key messages based on market conditions

  • Lead the development process for new product specifications, including investment (strategy/portfolio), vehicle (’40 Act, collective, SMA, etc.) and product features.

  • Proactively identify product marketing opportunities based on industry trends, the investment environment and competitive advantages.  Partner with Channel Marketing, Sales Management, Sales Consultants and Marketing Communications to define and develop specific product initiatives​

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